hiya readers-

I’ve just consumed a significantly-sized latte at the Tea Room on campus. I usually try and resist sipping on expensive, caffeinated beverages unless it’s a special occasion. Today, however, I decided I deserved one.

That’s because I am just getting back into things after spending the weekend away. A friend was celebrating a Major Birthday Landmark (one that ended in zero) and decided she wanted to spend a celebratory weekend visiting a friend with a house in New Hampshire. We set off on Friday night, pulling in to our destination at a dark hour after a fun, chatty, music-filled ride.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why does Meredith deserve a latte after being away all weekend? Shouldn’t she be buckling down over her neglected work, rather than drinking large, expensive, milky, hot beverages?”

Yes. But allow me to continue.

It was a great weekend: a house-full of interesting women. Cozy downtime. Walks in the brisk, chilly air. Shopping trips (though grad student income meant they were actually browsing trips for me, shopping trips for others). Great meals.. I feel as though I squeezed a week’s worth of action into a few short days.

I had tucked some academic tomes into my bag, but to be honest, I barely cracked ’em. It felt like the company I was keeping, and the discussions we were having were just as important for me (and the creative process) as dipping into my library books.

On the ride home, we decided to stop in at MASS MoCA (the¬†Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) for a quick browse. It was a fantastic visit… the shows were exciting, the space was beautiful.. it was, all in all, hugely inspiring. Regretfully, however, while driving through Williamstown not long after, we were pretty seriously rear-ended by a guy in a fancy SUV who was too distracted to see us stopped at a crosswalk up ahead. He bashed into us with enough force to put a giant dent in my friend’s (relatively new) car (enough to render the hatchback un-useable), and to smash up the tail lights. We ended up driving to a hardware store (tail lights trailing behind us) and buying 3 different kinds of tape in order to get them fixed up well enough so that we could drive home.

And then there was the drive! Already behind schedule thanks to the accident, we ended up doing most of the driving in the dark — with enough intermittent rain and sleet to make things pretty stressful. And then, just when we were about to get ourselves onto the last stretch of Canada-bound highway, we got seriously lost and ended up driving along tiny, dark highways forever (while being watched by deer) with not a soul in site (we even stopped in at the fire house in one tiny town thinking we might find someone: but to no avail).

We finally did make it back to the highway, and over the bridge, and swiftly through customs. But I have to say, when we did get home, man-oh-man: I needed a sip of the scotch I’d bought at the Duty Free.

(I also really needed that latte this morning, see?).

Ah adventure: it’s good for the spirit. (You can’t read ALL the time you know!)





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One response to “Road-tripping

  1. Colette

    Next time Meredith take a GPS!
    Apart from the trip home the rest sounded fantastic

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