Monday morning restless

hiya readers, hello new week!

It’s 11:00 am, and I am happy to report that I’ve managed to get a couple things done this morning. Regretfully, it’s all been stuff on the computer, meaning that by now, I am tired of my desk-side hunch. My shoulders are tight and seemingly fed up with me. I’ve been imbibing a steady stream of coffee and water, in alternating gulps (the bonus, of course, is that I have to get up all the time to pee, which is probably a good thing, from a movement point-of-view).

On Friday, I wrote that I was going to try and disengage from the computer a little this weekend. I had big plans that involved resisting its don’t-you-wanna-check-your-email beckon in favour of hunkering down with physical things like people and books.

And did it work? Well, no, not really. And, sort of.

I feel utterly incapable of not starting the day by taking stock of my email — even on the weekend. This weekend, as it turns out, it was particularly crucial, when someone asked me to do some last minute, to-deadline editing for them — work I really needed to do at the screen.

Because I don’t have a cellphone (I can hear the jaws dropping right across campus), email is also on the key ways I keep on top of my social life — because although I do have a landline, I can check my email when I’m out of the house.

In other words, not logging in at some point (or, as it turns out, a bunch of times through the day) really isn’t a viable option.

I ended up spending a chunk of my sunday downloading articles relevant to my thesis research (though I’ve written my thesis project proposal, I still owe an annotated bibliography with between 25 and 30 sources!), but rather than reading them off the screen, I made the environmentally dubious choice and printed them out on PAPER (recycled).

And here’s where I triumphed over my computer.

With yesterday being Hallowe’en, I was invited to help shell out at a friend’s house (we get very few kids where I live). Because we both had work to do, we plunked ourselves in the front room and (doing our best to avoid a bowl full of mini chocolate bars) spent some productive time. I had made the deliberate decision NOT to bring my computer — meaning that between door bell rings, I was forced to sit and contemplate words on paper, rather than words on screen. It was satisfying, busily underlining and jotting notes in the margins. I’m pleased to report that, without the distraction of my incessantly demanding email account or other various e-distractions, I managed to get quite a few things read.

Obviously, the key to productivity (and overall well-being) is not to work anywhere near the computer, if it’s at all possible.

(and with that, she signed off in a flourish, slamming her computer shut in triumph and marching out into the day without it!)


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  1. Ha ha, I don’t have a cell phone either, because I don’t WANT to be at everyone else’s beck and call all the time. Want me to do some last minute something that’s going to totally derail my own plans for the weekend? So sorry, I didn’t get your message. TOO BAD.

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