Griping about GREB again

hi all-

Welcome to a new week. Wasn’t the weekend lovely and sparkly? I sometimes feel like I am totally at the mercy of the weather. If it’s beautiful out, I completely lose my ability to concentrate: there is virtually nothing so important that it can’t wait til the sun goes behind a cloud. That’s what happened on Saturday, anyway. I had big plans about getting all sorts of work done, but then that damn sun was shining, and the fall leaves were particularly bright and crispy and… well. My powers of concentration didn’t have a chance.

The good news, however, is that a friend with equally weak powers of concentration agreed to humour me with an outdoor adventure. We ended up going for a bit of a drive that took us to the locks at Kingston Mills — part of the Rideau Canal. Here’s photographic evidence:

And this — pretty, no?

It’s easy, when you’re being all stressed out about your work, to forget to take advantage of all the loveliness lying just beyond the borders of our little city. If ever there was a time to explore what’s out there, this is it: beautiful fall days, bright sun and a well-deserved chance to shake off a little stress.

My friend and I ended up carrying up highway 15 for a bit, checking out a couple lock-sites further along the Rideau Canal. We fantasized a little about travelling all the way to Ottawa along it, but then we put our good-student hats back on and trundled back to the city (though not before stopping to buy dirt-cheap bags of apples…)

And now it’s Monday: another beautiful day, though one in which I forced myself to stick to the desk for the afternoon, at least. Those of you who read this blog regularly already know that I recently changed my thesis project. The biggest pain has been re-jumping through the proposal-writing and paper-shuffling hoops. Today, my task was to get my GREB (General Research Ethics Board) application ready for their next meeting (the due date is Wednesday) — I need to get it to my supervisor first to have her look it over/give me her thumbs up.

The exercise is not a particularly fun one, because you are essentially having to analyze your research in order to find every conceivable hole/place where someone might be ‘harmed’, and then figure out ways to do away with (or at least minimize) that harm. Since the subject matter I am dealing with in my research is so very personal, I have a feeling that GREB’s little red flags up before they’ve finished reading the first page… but we shall see. For now, I feel triumphant in that I have managed to get most of my application written… and since it’s still sunny out, I’m going for a walk!



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