And now: putting it into practice

Ever hear the saying “the more you do, the more you do?” Well, I think there’s something to it. Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will know that earlier this week, I wrote about the challenges of trying to get everything done, and how I was going to try and adhere to some kind of work schedule in order to avoid falling to the abyss of unstructured time — ie. never getting anything done due to endless days with nothing in them but a vague and nagging need to “work”.

Well, I am pleased to report that so far my schedule thing seems to be working. What I’ve been doing is vaguely drawing up a list of things that I need to get done, and then slotting them into the day with designated amounts of time blocked out for them. For example: yesterday morning I did an hour of research and answered emails/lined up interviews. After lunch, I interviewed Mike Condra, the director of Counselling services here at Queen’s (look for my article soon on the School of Graduate Studies website), then I worked on my paper for a few hours before hitting the gym for a speedy workout. After that, I went to a friends house for dinner and some non-school-related hanging out. After dinner, I went home and watched ‘Waltz With Bashir‘, a really interesting film that I needed to watch in order to fully participate in today’s documentary class.

I have to tell you, I felt pretty good. At no time during the day did I feel panicked or freaked out. I merely kept myself going by sticking to the prescribed tasks. It was nice, too, to know that I didn’t have to stick to any one task for too long. When the quiet of the library started to get on my nerves, I stuck it out knowing that I only had to put in another half hour before I could move on to the gym. In that extra half hour, I managed to get a bit more writing done, too.

This afternoon, I found myself out of class earlier than I had expected, so when I ran into friends at the library, I suggested we go for coffee (which was just what I needed). Sure, I could have used the extra time to put more work into my paper, but I decided to consider it a gift! But I am still managing to stick, more-or-less, to today’s schedule: I’m at the library now, intent on finishing my paper and squeezing in one more hour of R.A work before I head home to make dinner. Then tonight in Kingston: it’s Art After Dark — a chance to check out some of the city’s downtown art galleries…

Clearly, the more you do, the more you do.

(And I know: the whole schedule thing probably makes me sound like I’m a total control freak — It’s just a survival strategy!)


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  1. Jess

    Glad to read about the coffee break with friends. 🙂 How did I not know about Art After Dark?! I’m sad to have missed it. Was it the one and only this fall?

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