Better late than never

Yeah, ok… so I know I usually post on Wednesdays. And yes, I realize that it is now Friday afternoon. Actually, by now we’re probably pushing past the true afternoon and are in that hazy place where we could probably get away with calling it evening. I wish I could tell you that I didn’t post on Wednesday ’cause I was up to my eyebrows in good times, but alas. I was.. (wait for it!).. sick!!

Oh, dear readers, you’re probably thinking to yourselves “geez, that grad school blogger is a sickly creature!” And you would be right, but only this month. That’s because though not usually prone to sickness, my health has been most uncooperative these last few weeks. Regular readers may remember that I had a (most obnoxious) summer cold earlier in July. Well, THAT was a pleasant afternoon stroll compared to the sickness that decided to knock me off my feet earlier this week.

I was struck down with the most horrible combination of high fever (the kind where your teeth chatter while you’re sweating and your duvet needs to be wrung out at the end of the night), hugely swollen tonsils and general nausea, churned up together with late night I-wish-my-mommy-were-here-to-hold-back-my hair vomiting. Yes, those kinds of good times.

Combine all that with the fact that yesterday was my birthday, and you’ve got the picture of self-pity (though it’s important to note that when I started to feel better in the evening, a group of friends swung by with snacks and company – and it was lots of fun — birthday salvation!)

What’s extra annoying is that I’ve been working diligently on a paper for a class, with a goal of submitting it by… (drumroll please…) today! Well, guess what: being curled up in a sweaty ball is no way to get a paper written – so regretfully, that little (self-imposed) deadline has been missed. It’s made extra-annoying by the fact that I’m leaving town for a MONTH tomorrow, which means I am now having the bring-the-books/don’t-bring-the-books debate. I’m leaning towards not bringing the books and instead handing in the paper late when I get back.

Much as I’d love to say I am going to take a month’s vacation, I am instead heading back to Halifax to slide into one of my old jobs for a few weeks…so I’ll be out of school mode, doing long (sometimes stressful) work days, and likely not thinking too much about the methodology I am going to embrace in my final thesis project (the topic of the essay).

I’ve been having a great time in Kingston this month (illness aside). Besides being sick this week, I also went swimming in the lake with a friend, hosted friends on my balcony, and saw a fabulous play at the Artel… I look forward to seeing what September brings! I’ll send updates from Halifax.

And for your amusement: a photograph of my first harvest of tomatoes.. in honour of, of course!


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  1. Fiona

    I hope you stay healthy!

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