Blogging with Coffee: the ‘back-in-Kingston’ edition

Hello, Kingston!

That’s right – I’m back. I’ve said goodbye to the good times. I’ve unpacked my little bag and am reorienting myself in this crazy little Ontario town. I am also staring down my ‘to-do’ lists warily, wondering where to begin. I’m delaying the inevitable by starting my day with a coffee and scone at the Sleepless Goat.

Yep, my trip to Halifax was great — but besides the fact that I had a chance to see a whole whack of really great friends, sip coffee in once-familiar haunts, and suck in ocean breezes, I think it was extra-great because I let myself relax a little. Again, I can’t say it was a full-fledged holiday, since I did research and let school/work questions percolate at the edges of my consciousness while I was there, but there was something out being out of my ordinary routines that also freed me from my own anxiety-fueling thought-patterns.

Now that I’m back, I’m determined to try and cultivate some of that spirit in my new day-to-day. Because one of the things I am most interested in is how happy and free I felt when I was in Halifax– and how firmly anchored that happiness was in [beware: I’m about to veer into cheesy new-agey-ness] ‘in the moment’…being fully present in a place, concentrating on my energy on appreciating the friends I was hanging out with, rather than letting my little brain pull me off into the realm of “this is fun, but you know you should be…”

Rather than feeling like I was wasting my time, I felt happy and excited and engaged in the world – and in turn, I found energy I didn’t think I had. We’ll see how well I do keeping the spirit alive now that I’m back in Kingston…

In other (hilarious) news:

I have been asked to participate in a panel discussion that’s being hosted by Career Services at Queen’s University later today. Here are the details. We’ll be talking about the pros/cons/realities of grad school. The discussion is mostly geared at undergraduates, but feel free to come along if you have thoughts to contribute/you want to laugh at me.

Here are the details:

An Insider’s Look at Grad School

June 9 —  12:00 noon  – 1:00 pm

Career Services Workshop Room, Gordon Hall, 3rd floor

(drinks and cookies will be served!)


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