Train blogging (Halifax-bound)

That’s right – the adventures continue:

I am writing this blog-post on a train bound for Montreal (oh, how I love having Wi-Fi while in-motion!). When I arrive, I’ll buy myself a magazine (a luxurious treat!) and will then board another train for the ultra-lengthy ride to Halifax. I’m going for a long-overdue visit. Before moving to Kingston in September, I lived in Halifax for four excellent years. I miss the city (and more particularly, it’s fine inhabitants) a lot.

The train leaves at 6:30pm this evening, but I won’t step down in Nova Scotia until (wait for it)… 5pm TOMORROW! Yes indeed, friends – that is an almost-24-hour ride. And I won’t be lying down. Yes, I know that my recent blog posts may suggest that I lead a life of luxury, criss-crossing the country willy-nilly to visit friends on their sides of it, but I tend to do it on the cheap. That’s why when VIA had a 60% off seat-sale, I spotted an opportunity. But that doesn’t mean I bought myself a sleeper. Nope- grad student status means you’ve got the time to travel, but it does mean you have to sit up all night. I’ve brought a stack of books, a movie, lots of music and snacks, and am optimistic that I’ll be able to keep myself amused over the course of the journey.

I’ve even had bright ideas about how 24-hours on a train would be the perfect time for me to start carving out my thesis-project proposal. But we’ll see how well THAT goes…

I’ll check in with you next week to let you know how the trip is going. I’m going to be looking to achieve the perfect balance between hanging out with friends in formerly familiar places while not neglecting my responsibilities in Kingston –I’ve still got work to do and deadlines to meet… so there will be the challenge of squeezing in enough time for me to get my work done, too. My goal will be to try and divide the day up into segments — working in the morning, say, and hanging out with friends in the afternoons and evenings. Updates soon!

In the meantime, here’s a picture, freshly snapped (in case you didn’t believe that I’m actually blogging while en route):

First attempt at train-blogging – complete!



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2 responses to “Train blogging (Halifax-bound)

  1. Colette

    24 hours by train! You can fly to Australia quicker than that! Still it is good to have the time to sit and contemplate life (or what you have to do next in your studies)…

  2. Joanne

    More updates!

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