Post-Holiday (and getting back to it…)

Hi all-

I arrived back in Kingston this afternoon on the train – a pleasant ride in which I perused a new (to me) book of short stories and answered emails… kinda still pretending to be in holiday-mode. I’ve got a daunting list of work and other work-ish tasks (taxes? hello?) waiting to get done, but I’m trying not to let it get me off track.

No, indeed. I am back from Vancouver in good spirits. I’ve shaken off the slump. I am keeping the jet-lag at bay and am feeling like my TO-DO list is going to be manageable – I just have to go at it piece by piece.

It really was a great trip, and it did my spirits all kinds of good. I saw friends a plenty from all kinds of past-lives. I saw sights. I walked and walked and walked and breathed in the ocean air. I embraced huge trees. I took the ferry to Victoria. And I marvelled at the rich green of the forests and the incredible colours of the bright blossoms on trees and bushes all over the city.

Speaking of which: being a fan of the humble tulip, here’s a picture to give Kingston (where, apparently, it snowed yesterday) some hope —

I did manage to do some work while I was away, though I’ll confess it was less than I had hoped. Still, I’m really glad I decided to give myself some thinking-space. I will add that I was pretty good at doing a little work almost every day –usually in the mornings before I set off into the city.

So I guess my newly buoyed spirits confirm what we’ve all long suspected to be true, but don’t always trust: time off is good for you! (At least for me) the ol’ work ethic likes lingers like a heavy-but-invisible weight overhead, making us feel bad for slacking when we really should be reading or writing. But here it is again: the slacking is good. It’ll make you better at the reading and writing. Really.

I was complaining to one of my friends in Vancouver yesterday about having to go back to my ‘real life’ and how that was going to be such a drag, when he looked at me and said “well, with that attitude…” And he’s right. I’m going to do my best to remember the holiday-feeling, and find a way to tap into it when things start getting me down.

I recommend you do the same.


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