Hello, fair readers!
I am very pleased to report that I am writing from Vancouver. Why, you ask? Why Vancouver when I should be holed up in Kingston, working on end-of-term papers? A valid question indeed (and one I have asked myself more than a few times!).

I am in Vancouver on a holiday. Yep, that’s right: there is no purpose to my being here, except for the fact that I wanted to be here.  I got a notice recently from Aeroplan that my accumulated points were about to expire (apparently this happens every few years). Knowing that I am due in Halifax in May for a wedding, I decided to check out how many points it would take to get there. The answer: 15,000. For fun, I then decided to see how many points it would take for me to get to Vancouver, I city I had always wanted to visit but had never found a good reason to do so. That trip also wanted 15,000 of my hard-earned points.

The answer seemed obvious: since buying a ticket to Vancouver would ordinarily cost a lot more than buying a ticket to Halifax, I decided to take the irresponsible route and opt for the vacation (I’m still going to Halifax for a wedding, but I’ll find a cheaper way to get there).

So: here I am, writing to you from a Vancouver cafe. I have to tell you, I am absolutely THRILLED to be here. It’s been so long since I’ve gone to a brand new place with no agenda other than to visit friends and see the city (ok, ok – I’ve brought work and am plugging away at it). And even though the responsible side of me is having the odd freak out, I think we have to do these things.

After all, as graduate students, the one thing we do have is time (I didn’t have to ask anyone for a week off!). As a wise friend of mine recently reminded me when I was stressing out about being irresponsible, right now is the PERFECT time for me to be having new experiences in a new place. Being stuck in a rut in Kingston isn’t doing anyone much good, least of all me. Theoretically, I’ll return to my papers with a head full of new ideas next week…

Here are a couple of Vancouver pictures, just to keep things lively:

A Vancouver view…

My friend Aftab and me at the foot of a tree in Stanley Park…

More updates soon!



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3 responses to “Va-Va-Vancouver!

  1. Fiona

    some opportunities are not to be missed

  2. Lise

    Meredith, I am thrilled to see you show signs of impetuousness! Way to go! Enjoy the good weather for me.

  3. Cait


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