Bring it on…

Yep- I definitely wasn’t the only one breathing a gleeful sigh of relief today at the bright blue skies and warming sun. Yes indeed: spring is Kingston-bound. Tiny, determined tulip greens are pushing their way through the muddy earth promising greatness, optimistic young women are baring their legs (I even saw some wearing flip flops today!) and the kids are frolicking madly in the playground across the street from where I live.

What this means, of course, is that we fair graduate students (at least those of us taking courses) have a mere couple of weeks to go before it all wraps up for good. Sure, there will be essays to write and different sorts of academic obligations to fulfill, but the daily routine of reading and writing and thinking and listening will be wrapped for the season. I am shocked (SHOCKED!) to find time speeding by this quickly. I swear, a mere seven months ago I was a bewildered what-am-I-doing-here-oh-geez-maybe-I’ve-made-a-big-mistake-with-this-grad-school-thing person, constantly scrambling to stay on top of everything while keeping the nagging internal voices at bay. Now? Well, suffice to say that while I don’t have the system mastered, it’s definitely a lot less bewildering these days.

I know that many of my classmates are trying to sort out their summer plans as I write. I’ve been weighing all the options: everything from leaving Kingston for a few months in search of viable work in other cities, to hunkering down here to get started on my thesis project. I’ll confess that I’m leaning towards the latter. EVERYONE I talk to lately keeps raving about summer in Kingston. If these balmy, full-of-potential spring-is-a-comin’ days are any indication, I don’t think anyone is telling me lies. Since I’m only slated to be here for two years, I figure this summer may be the only chance I get to spend in Kingston. After all: I live a mere a stone’s throw from the lake. I will have balcony access (and c’mon: does anything beat book-reading on a balcony, iced-tea close at hand?).

Yes, dear readers, I have one sentiment after the gloriousness of today. Summer? Bring it on.


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  1. Fiona

    I’m with you on the balcony reading.

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