Finding Balance…

I am happy to report that a handful of people humoured me by participating in my very unscientific poll about how they would be spending reading week. Seems the readers of this particular blog, at least, were not to be found lolling around watching movies and snoozing at the expense of everything else this week. No – you, my gentle readers, were maintaining that perfect middle ground between well-deserved loll and energetic get-up-and-go. For the most part, you were half-buried in books, and half-submerged in carefree coffees. You were treading the fine line between getting-it-done, and letting-it-lie.

Life is, after all, about achieving balance, no?

As one reader commented on her approach to reading week (thanks, Fiona!), “I say divide it in two. Spend half relaxing and half working. If you try to work straight through you will probably end up breaking your resolve anyway, so you might as well plan something you really want to do.”

And that’s why even though part of me is freaking out because I only managed to get to my marking (32 first year film essays on how colonialism is represented using mise-en-scene) yesterday (I had lofty ideas about getting things read and written, too), the other part of me is giving my back a hearty patting to celebrate the fact that “hey! you got half your marking done!” Can you fault me for turning my attention away from my work and towards the women’s gold-medal Olympic hockey game instead? Yes, it definitely caused me to lose some momentum on the efficiency-front yesterday evening, but hey, a girl’s gotta live.

I hope that you, dear reader, are celebrating this last official day of reading week by finding some balance. Get a little work done, certainly, but cut yourself some slack, too. Next week  the work is going to come raining down on you again, and the stress-levels will be sky-high again. Do allow yourself some time to recharge and restore – so you’re better able to face things when that happens.

I’m heading back to Kingston on a train this afternoon – and you can bet I’ll be marking up a storm on the journey. But I’ll also allow myself a little time to take a few deep breaths while gazing out the window, and taking in the view.



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2 responses to “Finding Balance…

  1. Alexandra

    I’m so glad I found this blog! I’m a 4th year at Queen’s and I recently applied to the CS program, and I’ve also been in touch with a few of your peers in the program this year. I feel like this blog will be yet another fantastic resource for me regarding graduate studies in general and, in particular, the CS program at Queen’s. Keep it up!

  2. Jess

    When I told my mother that I had fallen asleep while “reading” for an essay on my way back to Kingston, she asked me, “Why did you even bother trying?” I should know myself better by now. The train, for me, is about gazing out the window and being lulled into a blissful (albeit upright) sleep.

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