Let the blogging begin…

Hello world! I’m new to blogging, but here goes:

Starting today, I’m going to be writing every few days or so about the experience of being a Queen’s graduate student. “Whoa!” you’re probably asking yourselves, “why the heck would we want to read about that?” Well, I’ll tell you why. I’m new to this graduate student thing. I started working on my Master’s in Cultural Studies at Queen’s in September of 2009. I have to admit, that I made the decision to go back to school on a bit of a whim. Well, not a total whim: I’d been mulling over the idea of doing a graduate degree for some time. It was just a matter of getting all the elements in my life to line up perfectly and to get the timing right. When Queen’s said they’d have me for a new program, I figured I’d be a fool not to give it a shot.

So: here I am.

What I’m hoping to do with this blog is to chronicle my adventures at graduate school: everything from adjusting to being a full-time student again (after being in the working world for a good number of years), to the challenges of getting all my reading done every week (gah!), learning how to be a half-decent teaching assistant (I hope!), and finding my way around Mac-Corry without getting lost (sigh). What I also hope is that you, fair readers, will chime in with your thoughts and feedback about life in graduate school.

I know, I know – sounds like an adventure and a half, right? No seriously, this is going to be fun. Join me as I muddle my way through my readings (Foucault is the guy who is always on about power, right?). Laugh with/at/near me as I frantically try and get my head around preparing for a class presentation or an epic 25 page essay (do you think the professors even bother to read ’em?). And most importantly, know that whether you’re a current graduate student or just toying with the idea being one, I’ll be sharing some of my experiences at grad school in hopes that they’ll be of some help! You aren’t alone!

til soon-



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  1. Anne Johnson

    Love this Meredith…reading as I complete my application to the program…hoping to meet you


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